The Project

the Kids Art Gallery is a virtual gallery of paintings and drawings of children from around all countries and continents.

A gallery that respects and assesses the artistic power that have the most creative creatures on the world.

It also wants to be a place for appreciation and motivation for the children creativity.

If you have children, or any other young relative you will know that they produce a very big and uncontrollable amount of small pieces of art, the Kids Art Gallery can be a good way to keep them organized and to share them.

The Authors

Every child of any nationality, race, culture or religion.

If you are a grown up but you have paintings and drawings from when you was a child you can also publish them.

By now we have the next authors:

The Paintings

It is valid any kind of painting drawn with any kind of technique.

A motive of not acceptation for a painting is that it could be offensive or discriminatory.

Besides the published painting must be correctly digitalized with a minimum quality or your gallery, and the rest of them, will look less fashion. Recommended resolution is 300dpi.

How to Open a Gallery?

By now we are on beta phase of the project and this is why the registration is not open to the public, but if you are interested in be one of the first that opens a gallery please send us an email with one of the paintings or drawings.

It is normal that the artist could need collaboration for an adult for all the technical stuff like scanning and manage the application, we encourage to the parents and relatives to offer assistance.


Write a mail to the Fernando Guillen's email.

Who Are We

By now the team is formed by one person: Fernando Guillén, an enthusiastic of Art Brut y Art Naïf.

But Fernando would love to find enthusiastic people that want to collaborate with the project on any how, just tell him.

This is a non-profitable project, so the interest on participate on it must not be the money.


Before anything you have to understand that this is a concept test, a kind of statement intent but we don't know what fate has in store for us, it can be we wake up someday empty of illusion, or without resources, or any other inconvenience that forces us to abandon the project. But we can assure we are going to put all our energy while we have it.

We want to improve the interface so it will be compressible and intuitive for a child without technical experience.

To offer galleries with visual effects so it can be used like ambient videos.

To offer the possibility of selling the originals and derivates, offering a percent to the author and another percent to charitable associations.


The whole project born with the idea of be a non-profit service, but we have in mind the possibility to create ways to obtain money (always with the acceptance of the authors) that will be inverted in charitable actions with children involved.


Technically this project owes a lot to:

Spiritually this project owes a lot to::